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CONSOL miner update: Body found in dozer

Here’s the latest word from CONSOL Energy, issued this morning:

Dive and rescue teams completed a series of pipe dives over the weekend that helped to more clearly define the exact position and location of the bulldozer in the Robinson Run Preparation Plant impoundment. With this new information, the teams repositioned the pipe and adjusted the water jets late last evening, in preparation for a dive this morning. This morning an opening was cut in the canopy of the bulldozer and the divers confirmed that our employee is inside the bulldozer cab.

As CONSOL Energy stated previously, this is a complex recovery effort that requires precision and time to execute safely and properly. We do not have an estimate on how long it will take to recover our employee from the bulldozer.

CONSOL Energy continues to provide regular updates to the family.

Investigation into the cause of the accident by MSHA, the West Virginia Department of Mines, CONSOL Energy and other parties, which began on Tuesday morning, is ongoing.

 And here’s what has been released today by the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration:

Divers have been in the water and have seen the cab. Efforts will continue today.

And later from MSHA:

Divers have confirmed that the victim is inside the cab of the dozer.  Recovery efforts continue.