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Mine safety: A close call in Ohio

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The news out of Ohio is good this evening, with word that two miners trapped most of the day in an underground coal mine are safe. Here’s what we have from the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration:

Two miners became trapped from a roof fall around 9:30 this morning. They were rescued at 7:30 p.m. They were in constant contact by radio with rescuers throughout the day; they sustained no injuries.

The incident occurred at the Hopedale Mine in Harrison County, Ohio, which is controlled by Rhino Resource Partners. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources issued this statement about the incident:

Two miners at a Harrison County underground coal mine were rescued by Hopedale Mining staff today at approximately 7 p.m..

Both miners are in good condition.

The incident occurred at the Hopedale mine in Hopedale, which is located about five miles east of Cadiz in Harrison County.

Both the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the federal Mine Safety and Health Agency, worked together with company miners and officials in executing the rescue response following a roof collapse in the area where the two miners were working.

 This mine was the subject of an MSHA “impact inspection” back in May and was cited for 10 violations, 8 of which MSHA inspectors alleged were serious.