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Settling selenium: Deal with Arch Coal expected

Citizen groups appear headed for a settlement in another lawsuit over selenium pollution by the coal industry

Trial had been scheduled to start next week before U.S. District Judge Robert C. Chambers in a suit brought by the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition and other groups against Arch Coal subsidiaries Coal-Mac and Mingo Logan Coal.

Readers may recall that Judge Chambers previously issued an important ruling in this case and other suit against Massey Energy subsidiaries, and in the Arch Coal case trial was set to determine exactly what sort of relief Judge Chambers would order to remedy the company’s violations of selenium limits.

Well, yesterday, Judge Chambers called off the trial, saying the parties had informed the court of the “pending settlement” of the issues in the Arch Coal case. The judge set a status conference for July 26 to allow the parties time to work out the details.

The Massey case is still set for trial on Aug. 9. Stay tuned …