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MSHA proposes ‘pattern of violations’ changes

The U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration has sent it proposed changes to the “pattern of violations” regulations to the Federal Register, where they are currently available here.

MSHA has scheduled a media briefing this afternoon to discuss its proposal.

Stay tuned …


An initial comparison of the proposal with MSHA’s existing part 104 rules indicates three major changes —

First, the proposed rule would do away with the “warning letter” operators now receive indicating that have a “potential pattern of violations” and move directly to issuing pattern notices to operators.

Second, the proposed rule would require MSHA to conduct POV screenings twice a year. Current rules require that screening only once per year.

Third, the proposed rule would eliminate the requirement that MSHA consider only violations that have become final orders of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission after any company appeals.


Here’s a link to our print story about the MSHA proposal.