Coal Tattoo

More bad news: Another mining death in W.Va.

This just in from Jama Jarrett, spokeswoman for the West Virginia Office of Miners Health, Safety and Training:

There’s been another coal-mining death in West Virginia, this one at Carson One Mining LLC’s Adrian Preparation Plant in Upshur County. The name of the worker killed has not yet been released, and there are few other details available yet.

Jama told me a few minutes ago that this is the information available at this point:

They were moving some equipment, and the worker got hit with a chain.

I’ll report more when it becomes available …

Updated: Here is some additional information from MSHA spokeswoman Amy Louviere:

The mine had been temporarily idled. The equipment was owned by an individual who was not the mine owner. He apparently sold some of it to another company. That company was at the mine site today to get the equipment. They were trying to pull an excavator from the edge of a pond and had hooked a chain to the excavator and to a dozer to pull the excavator. The first attempt failed, so they rehooked the chain to the middle section of the excavator. When they pulled, the hook broke from the blade of the dozer and flew off, striking an individual in the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The accident occurred somewhere around 11:30 a.m this. morning. No work had been going on at the site, and the owner of the mine was not present when the accident occurred.

Officials will need to investigate further to determine if this death meets the requirements to be counted as a coal-mining death.


The worker killed was 74-year-old David Lincolnogger, an employee of  Hurricane Equipment, located in Cullden, W.Va.