Coal Tattoo

Prayer of a Miner’s Child

Mine Explosion

(By Shirley Hill)

He’s just an old coal miner, Lord,

That’s all he’s ever been.

He’s worked his life away in mines

With all the other men.

So keep him safe and be with him

When he goes in that mine;

And also help him stay away

From the unemployment line.

Stay by his side in all he does,

He’s a-getting tired, you know.

His hair is changing color fast,

And his age has began to show.

I know some day he’ll leave this earth

And I will stay behind.

But when he leaves, I hope it’s not

Caused by that old coal mine.

I want the very best for him,

I don’t want him to be sad.

Because, dear Lord, I think you know,

This coal miner is my dad.