Massey issues statement about miners’ benefits

April 15, 2010 by Ken Ward Jr.

Here’s a statement just issued by Massey Energy:

In the wake of this tragedy, the Company is meeting with families and describing benefits that it will provide to them.  These benefits are designed to ensure that no family will have to worry about missing a paycheck, paying a medical bill or sending a child to college.

At least one internet media source has inaccurately suggested that these benefits are being provided to settle lawsuits.  This is absolutely untrue.  These benefits are being provided by the Company without any obligation by the families to agree to any settlement.

The Company is aware that personal injury lawyers have published advertisements seeking cases and that some personal injury lawyers have made efforts to contact some of the families during this difficult time.

Massey Energy believes that there will be an appropriate time to discuss settlement options with the families.  If any proposals are made to the families, those families will be given a full opportunity to review those proposals with a lawyer of their choosing.  To the extent settlements are reached, it is the Company’s desire that the families — and not personal injury attorneys – receive the money.  Unfortunately, personal injury attorneys frequently take 30-40% of any settlement received by a family.  The Company hopes such a result can be avoided in this circumstance.

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  1. clay ton says:

    Massey Energy hires attorneys for numerous reasons and surely pays them for valuable services. A good attorney will save their client money and or jail time. It is duplicitous for Massey to suggest that survivor’s families not choose an attorney to assist them in an area of ones life that requires a guide. Your attorney(s) will help you. The families of the fallen should stay together as a group. Massey will try to divide you to conquer you. Apparently Massey Energy is self insured, so the company itself will pay all losses.

    America and the world are behind the families of the men who paid the ultimate price at UBB. In the name of your loved ones be strong and help to make America a better place for future working people. The coal in the ground will remain valuable for generations; mining it safely and for the benefit of the WV’s inhabitants should take priority. The rape of West Virginia by coal companies must finally cease.

    My heart goes out to the 29 miners who have perished and to their loved ones. Let them not die in vain; may this tragedy help strengthen the safety and well being of the working class of America. The hurt from the loss of a family member will never go away and it will take its toll on generations to come. We understand life is full of risks and also acknowledge the power of men to abuse each other over power and money. We also revere America’s historic role in justice for all.

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