Sen. Byrd calls Massey donation for a new Marsh Fork Elementary school a ‘welcome start’

March 24, 2010 by Ken Ward Jr.


This just in from the office of Sen. Robert C. Byrd:

Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va., today said he welcomed as a “good start” the announcement by Massey Energy that they are pledging $1 million toward the construction of a new $8.6 million Marsh Fork Elementary School in Raleigh County.

Byrd last October blasted Massey Energy officials for their refusal to provide assistance to efforts to replace the existing Marsh Fork Elementary School because of potential health and safety concerns.  The Raleigh County School is adjacent to a coal silo constructed by Massey Energy, and sits at the foot of the company’s mountain top pond that holds back hundreds of millions of gallons of toxic coal slurry.

“This is a welcome and good start by officials at Massey Energy in announcing their pledge of $1 million for the construction of a new $8.6 million Marsh Fork Elementary School,” said Byrd.

“As Massey Energy moves to acquire Cumberland Resources through a stock offering, and helps pay for mountain top mining music concerts, I would hope that they will continue to keep the welfare of the young students at Marsh Fork Elementary in their hearts and in their minds.  These children are our future and it is my hope that all the necessary funds will be made available to construct a relocated Marsh Fork Elementary School soon,” Byrd added.

3 Responses to “Sen. Byrd calls Massey donation for a new Marsh Fork Elementary school a ‘welcome start’”

  1. Lorelei Scarbro says:

    Thank you so much Senator Byrd. I agree that this is a good start. With the billions this company has made from this area they should do much more. Massey should at least pay half the price for a new green school.

  2. Judy Bonds says:

    God Bless Senator Byrd.
    Again, Senator Byrd is showing great courage and leadership in his words and deeds.
    There are many reasons why the children in Marsh Fork district need a new school.
    Massey Energy can not be held responsible for the age of the building. But it is the build up of coal dust, the chemicals that was or is used at the preparation plant, the possibility of the sludge dam failure and the nearby blasting that may well harm the health of the children and staff as a result of Massey Energy conducting business nearby that we are concerned about as well.

  3. Ken Ward Jr. says:

    OK folks … we had some comments that got way off point and a little out of hand … so we’re going to turn off the comments on this post.

    To the reader who raised questions about the lack of coverage of a couple of incidents — I was not aware of them, please e-mail me additional information and I’ll look into them.

    Let’s try to stay on topic and not get so personal, folks.