Coal Tattoo

Coal at the West Virginia Book Festival


This weekend’s West Virginia Book Festival here in Charleston has plenty for everybody, even for folks interested in the coal industry.

On Saturday morning, our friends Wess Harris  and Penny Loeb will present a program called When Documentaries are Not Enough, in which they discuss making a non-fiction book into a feature film, including the limitations of documentary film and the process of dramatization.

Penny, of course,  wrote the incredible 1997 U.S. News and World Report  expose on mountaintop removal and is author of the book Moving Mountains: How One Woman And Her Community Won Justice from Big Coal.  More of her work is available on her Web site, WV Coalfield. And Wess published When Miners March, about the Battle of Blair Mountain.

My guess is coal might come up a time or two in their discussion …

Their Saturday session starts at 10 a.m. The Book Festival is over at the Charleston Civic Center, and the complete schedule is online here.