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EPA and MTR: ‘State-sponsored terrorism’?

rogerhorton.jpgOK, so the award for the most ratcheting up of the rhetoric against the Obama administration’s efforts to more closely regulate mountaintop removal coal mining goes to … Roger Horton, a coal miners and United Mine Workers member who founded the group Citizens for Coal.

In an interview with the good folks at West Virginia Public Broadcasting, Horton had this to say about yesterday’s EPA announcement that it planned more detailed reviews of 79 pending coal-mining permits:

We’re very angry. We’re fed up and we’re not going to take it anymore. In our minds, this is nothing short of state-sponsored terrorism.  And we’re going to let those folks in Washington hear from us soon.

And there was more … Horton also said:

They’re simply destroying our lives and stealing our families future as surely as if they broke into the homes at night.

Come now … terrorism? Breaking into homes at night?

You can read the Public Broadcasting interview here.  But to get these quotes, you have to listen to or download the audio version.