Coal Tattoo

This just in, from a press release issued by West Virginia author Denise Giardina:

Since West Virginia is allowing its mountains to be destroyed, it is no longer possible for us to claim the nickname “The Mountain State.” Nor is it possible to root for athletic teams called the “West Virginia Mountaineers.”  Therefore a contest is announced to select new nicknames for our state and our athletic teams.

A winning nickname will be selected in each of the following categories:

1.      STATE NICKNAME: West Virginia, the _____________ State.

2.      ATHLETIC TEAMS:  The West Virginia _____________.  (Or “Let’s go, _____.”)

The winner in each category will receive $100.00

Only submissions that include a West Virginia address will be accepted.  Submissions should include name and address/phone number so if you win, prizes can be awarded.  Your name and winning entry will be publicized. (Addresses will not be made public.)

Contest judges will be writers Denise Giardina, Arla Ralston, and the Rev. Jim Lewis. 

Please send submissions to Nickname Contest, P.O. Box 20454, Charleston, WV, 25362

The deadline for submissions is July 20, 2009, and the winning entries will be announced later in the month.

Take note: This is not a contest sponsored by The Charleston Gazette or Coal Tattoo … so please don’t send us your entries.