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Protest update: More on last week’s action


The folks at Climate Ground Zero have put together a slicker version of the video from last week’s anti-Massey Energy protest (slicker than the one I previously posted here on Coal Tattoo).

It’s posted on YouTube, so it’s a little easier to watch. But it also includes more narrative and some editorial commentary. Climate Ground Zero Director Mike Roselle said:

By releasing this footage we can clearly demonstrate that protesters were not involved in any violence, did not assault anyone and were even allowed by the operator to climb the stairway leading up the boom. People can look at this footage and judge for themselves, but we think it proves that Massey’s claims that the protestors were violent are not supported by the facts. It was a non violent demonstration, and like the other peaceful protest that have been held to stop mountain top removal since early February no one was threatened or harmed in any way.

Climate Ground Zero is also reporting on its Web site that Boone County authorities confiscated equipment from journalists Kurt Mann and Paul Corbit Brown as “evidence” in the incident. Recall that the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press has already expressed concern about the treatment of other journalists, Antrim Caskey and Chad Stevens, who were documenting earlier protests.

Sheriff’s deputies charged four of the folks involved in this action with battery, and Boone County Sheriff Rodney Miller said the protesters “roughed up” some of Massey’s employees.

Here’s the YouTube version of the protest video: