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Intercepted: W.Va. coal’s master plan


W.Va. Coal Association lobbyist Chris Hamilton

This just landed in Coal Tattoo’s e-mail inbox:

Sent: Friday, March 27, 2009 2:06 PM

Subject: Mountaintop Mining Coalition Membership

To:      Mountaintop Mining Coalition Membership  

 From: Chris Hamilton [VP, W.Va. Coal Association]

Date: March 27, 2009

 Subject: Update on Various Action Items

 In response to the intense activity in Washington and other states concerning mountaintop mining, the coalition is moving forward on several fronts which are delineated below.

First and foremost the coalition is attempting to arrange an immediate meeting with the CEQ and EPA to discuss the actions of the federal agencies over the past several weeks. Second, a multi-state congressional briefing on MTM is set for May 5-7 in Washington, DC, and follow up mine visits in Kentucky, Virginia and West Va are scheduled for May 20-21.

Additionally, we are planning to meet with the DGA and NGA and SLC through the help of Gov. Manchin and other public officials.

The coalition is also making progress on development of the following items:

·         Mountaintop Mining Powerpoint (under review)

·         White Paper (under review)

·         Blog (under construction)

·         Brochure (under construction)

·         Website (

·         Video (being produced).

Please contact T. Headley at the below address for a copy of these materials.

Regarding MTM legislation in West Virginia. SB 375 has passed the State Senate and will be considered by the House of Delegates next week. SB 375 reinvigorates the Coalfield Economic Development Office with greater focus on planning for post-mine land use and development. The legislation also recognizes road construction  and residential developments as alternative land uses and provides for renewable energy forms. This is the Governor’s bill and he has expressed a willingness to speak in favor of MTM sites with this legislation finalized.

SB 461 extending the compliance schedule for Selenium passed the Senate today and will be advanced to the House for its consideration next week.  Senate concurrent resolution ____ (a copy of which is attached) discusses the benefits of coal, including mountaintop mining and its importance to the state.  The Senate President and Lieutenant Governor is the chief sponsor of the bill and is planning to host a ceremony in the Senate Chamber to coincide with the introduction of the bill.  This event is scheduled for 11 am,  on Thursday April 2, 1009.  All Coalition members are encouraged to attend.

Lastly, as you know are actively monitoring regulatory developments and pending legislation in other states.  In this regard we are working with other Coalitions and utilities and have requested an opportunity to be present before the legislative bodies as these issues begin to move to discuss their implications and ramifications. We have enclosed the attached op-ed response to negative articles written by media outlets in North Carolina, New York, Washington, Georgia and Tennessee and have additionally requested meetings with their editorial board.

As these items unfold over the next couple of weeks, we will keep you abreast of their status.  In the meantime, if you have any questions of need additional information, please reply to this message or call one of us at 304-342-4153.

T.L. “Doc” Headley


Communications Director

West Virginia Coal Association