Coal Tattoo

Friends of Coal license plates?

foc_logo_download.jpgEarlier this week, Friends of Coal launched a campaign to convince lawmakers to create a special West Virginia license plate with the industry front group’s logo.

Here’s what they said:

Several weeks ago, the bill authorizing the Friends of Coal license plate was introduced and initially referred to the Roads & Transportation Committee in the West Virginia House of Delegates.  The bill was sponsored by Delegate Linda Sumner from Raleigh County and it was second referenced to the House Finance Committee.

In order for these license plates to be available to the Friends of Coal and the public, it is necessary that House Bill 2973 be passed by the full Legislature, both House and Senate.  Its first step is to be considered by the Roads & Transportation Committee.  In order to be considered by the Committee it must naturally be placed on the agenda of one of the meetings of the Committee.  Roads & Transportation Committee Chairman Dale Martin told Delegate Sumner, last week, that he did not intend to put this bill on his Committee’s agenda.  If it is not placed on the Committee’s agenda it is “dead” and will not be considered by this year’s Legislature.

In this e-mail message, Friends of Coal encourages its members and supporters to contact Martin and urge him to put the bill on his committee’s agenda. The group even provided a link where supporters could e-mail Martin, adding their own personal messages to the prepared one from Friends of Coal.

I guess if folks want to do that, they can. And if they don’t like this idea, they could go to the Friends of Coal link, and simply change the message to encourage Martin not to put it on the agenda.

Or, regardless of your view, you can e-mail Martin directly by clicking here.

Ain’t democracy grand?