Read the criminal complaint for the Coonskin Park logger

May 9, 2014 by Matt Murphy

Yesterday, a criminal complaint was filed in Kanawha Magistrate Court against David Bowen, the person accused of illegally logging hundreds of trees from Coonskin Park.

You can read the complaint below:

Download (PDF, 104KB)


Below is a timeline of Daily Mail coverage of the Coonskin timbering since it was first presented to the parks commission in June 2013. Note that the corresponding dates refer to when the story was published.


June 25 – Questions about derecho cleanup at Coonskin Park are raised by frequent park visitor Margaret Zaleski at a parks commission meeting.

July 9 – County Commission President Kent Carper said Russell Trucking made $66,000 from the timber sale. Further, Russell Trucking did not have a valid business license and owed over $100,000 in back taxes.

July 17 – The Division of Forestry directs Russell Trucking to begin remediation work.

Aug. 12 – Cpl. Brian Humphreys said the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the timbering, and the Division of Forestry conducts a survey of the damage.

Aug. 22 – Jeff Hutchinson reveals the majority of the trees were not set to be cut.

Sept. 20 – Division of Forestry numbers from the division’s stump survey are obtained by the Daily Mail. Read the survey report here.

Oct. 17 – County parks officials decide to place discussion of a potential civil suit against Bowen on the agenda for the commission’s November meeting.

Nov. 21 – The parks commission votes to offer David Bowen and Russell Trucking repay the park around $150,000 in damages or the parks commission will sue. Some commissioners and members of the public still had questions about how Bowen was able to make off with so many trees from the park.


Jan. 17 – Parks commission board members learn a settlement agreement has formally been offered to David Bowen. The commission will sue Bowen if he doesn’t take the settlement.

Feb. 19 – A lawsuit is filed on behalf of the parks commission in Kanawha Circuit Court. Read the lawsuit here.

May 9 – The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office charges David Bowen with three felonies in relation to the logging.

May 15 – David Bowen turns himself in at the Kanawha County Courthouse on May 14. Preliminary hearing set for June 2.


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