Gun owners rally around Tennant

July 26, 2014 by Whitney Burdette

A new coalition of supporters for U.S. Senate nominee Natalie Tennant is set to launch today in Fayette County.
Gun Owners for Natalie are set to meet at the Fayette County Gun Club, located in Beckwith, today to show support for the Democrat, who currently serves as secretary of state. Supporters will join Tennant for a picnic lunch and afternoon of shooting.
“Like a lot of West Virginians, I’ve been around guns my whole life,” Tennant said. “I grew up shooting on the farm with my brothers, I carried the muzzleloader as the Mountaineer and I’m a proud gun owner today. West Virginians respect the Second Amendment, and we respect the responsibility that comes along with that right. We teach our kids about gun safety. We are responsible gun owners and we are proud of our heritage upholding the Second Amendment.”
Tennant has held a concealed carry permit since 2010. She also served as the first female Mountaineer mascot and now owns a replica of the Mountaineer’s muzzleloader, displayed above her desk in the secretary of state’s office. She also lobbied a bill that allows secretary of state officers to carry firearms while conducting investigations.

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