ND senator to campaign for Tennant

April 4, 2014 by Whitney Burdette

Natalie Tennant

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North Dakota’s junior senator will be in West Virginia next week to campaign for Senate-hopeful Natalie Tennant.
Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat, narrowly won her 2012 election over Republican Rep. Rick Berg, and Tennant’s supporters are hoping she can do the same in November.
“Natalie and Senator Heitkamp have a lot in common – both are tough, moderate Democrats in conservative, energy rich states Both gained popularity as statewide elected officials and ran for Governor before running for Senate as outsiders against members of an unpopular Congress,” reads a statement from Tennant’s campaign.
Conrad Lucas, chairman of the West Virginian Republican Party, said those similarities are exactly why people shouldn’t vote for Tennant. Lucas contends Heitkamp has voted in favor of President Barack Obama’s policies 97 percent of the time, including for anti-coal policies.
“She’s very spportive of Obamacare and made it easier for a Democratic-controlled Senate to confirm an Obama nominee,” Lucas said of Heitkamp. “Those are issues West Virginians need to be aware of.”
But Jennifer Donohue, a spokeswoman for Tennant’s campaign, said voters can rest assured Tennant will be an independent leader.
“Natalie will win West Virginia by focusing on local issues working families care about, like the kyrocketing flood insurance rates Congresswoman Capito wrote into law, not playing national politics as
usual,” Donohue said. “West Virginians overwhelmingly elected Natalie statewide twice because they know she is an independent leader who will fight President Obama’s coal regulations and always put West Virginia first, unlike Congresswoman Capito who answers to the Wall Street banks that have lined her campaign coffers with more than $1.6 million over her long career in Washington.”
The campaign argues attempts to tie Heitkamp to Obama didn’t work, and they wown’t work in this race. In 2012, Tennant received the second highest amount of votes, behind Sen. Joe Manchin. “with a very unpopular President Obama on the ballot.” Registered Democrats also outnumber Republicans by about two-to-one in West Virginia, and voters haven’t elected a Republican to the U.S. Senate since 1956.
Tennant will face two other Democrats in the May primary.

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