Senator wants to see roads fixed

February 19, 2014 by Whitney Burdette

It’s been a long, hard winter and it’s taking a toll on the state’s roads.

Sen. Bob Plymale, D-Wayne, has taken notice. Playmale said Wednesday he’s commuting this session because of a sick relative and is unnerved by the amount of potholes along the interstates and highways.

“If we don’t do something this spring, a paving cycle of some sort–our roads are in worse shape than I’ve seen in a while,” Plymale said.

Over the years, the length of time between paving cycles has fluctuated, and much of Interstate 64 was repaved recently. Plymale said the state of the roads is such a problem, it warrants dipping into the state’s Rainy Day reserve fund.

“I don’t know how much it would cost, I would say between $20 million to 25 million,” he said. “We need to find something, even if it was in the Rainy Day fund. This is a rainy day for our roads. If our roads aren’t kept and maintained, there will be problems going forward.”

Plymale isn’t the first to suggest taking money from the fund this year. Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin has proposed withdrawing money to close the budget gap this year. Although the fund totals around $915 million, that would only cover about three or four months of the state’s nearly $4 billion budget.

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