Sustained Outrage

Morrisey hires political operative and puts him on state payroll

Last week, we reported that West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey hired a campaign strategist from Walla Walla, Washington, and put him on the state payroll — at a salary of $99, 499. The political operative, Lance Henderson, who wasn’t a lawyer, quit two days later. Now, Morrisey has taken to Facebook saying the story […]

Coal Tattoo

Blankenship jury goes home for Thanksgiving

The jury in the Don Blankenship case deliberated all day today before going home for a five-day Thanksgiving break. Jurors are scheduled to return to the courthouse at 9 a.m. Monday.  

Inside Marshall Sports

Of Big Red and a big football game

So what will be better in Friday’s Marshall-Western Kentucky game: The game or a battle of the mascots? For the latter to be an even match, MU would have to bring Dr. Allen Young, the greatest Marco of them all from the 1980s, out of retirement. No Marco has carried the man’s hooves since. If […]

Woods and Waters

Could W.Va.’s long-standing smallmouth record be broken? Maybe!

A note to West Virginians who like to fish for smallmouth bass: A new state-record bronzeback just might be lurking somewhere in the waters of the state. I can’t offer proof, of course, but I can offer evidence that even the longest-standing state records can be broken. Last Sunday, a Michigan man caught a 9.33-pound, […]

WVU Sports with Mike Casazza

The Good and the Bad of WVU v. Kansas

We’re 10 games into the season and, what, four games into this run game renaissance. A lot of time has transpired, a lot of things have changed and a lot of items have been shown and seen. West Virginia was in its rarest form Saturday in Kansas, not merely because the day produced a 49-0 […]

Karin Fuller


There are times when I happen across a story so touching that learning of it leaves me feeling wrenched. What I’m about to share hit me like that. One of my friends, Aimee Figgatt, who serves as the Conservation Supervisor for the Capital Conservation District (and “farmerette” of Tyler Creek Farms), lost her nephew Tyler […]

Mountain Word

Reminder: Mountain Word is on Facebook

A new, more flexible version of Mountain Word is now on Facebook. It’s easier than ever for everyone to contribute, read, listen, watch, comment, add links and generally interact with and enjoy Mountain Word. Please stop by, and “Like” it. Thanks for all the “Likes” so far!

Pop Cult

Gift Guide: Eating Out

Since this is the traditional day of feasting, our gift suggestions are all for local restaurants. Actually, our suggestion is ALL our locally-owned restaurants. Most of our suggested restaurants offer gift certificates. Even if they don’t, you can still take your giftee out and treat them not only to a great meal, but also to […]

WV Film

Test Post With Author Avatar

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Vines & Vittles

Talking Turkey : a fowl (or foul) affair ?

It’s that time of year again when all talk turns to turkey. However, I must admit I have mixed feelings about the “national bird.” In my decades long association with Thanksgiving, I have both feasted on spectacular fowl, and, on occasion, have been subjected to very foul experiences. On the one hand, Thanksgiving is a […]

The Food Guy, Steven Keith

Capitol Notebook

Justice campaign announces “Coaches for Jim”

From a press release issued today by the Justice campaign: Today, businessman Jim Justice visited Morgantown and Huntington alongside former Marshall University football coach Bob Pruett and former West Virginia University football coach Don Nehlen to kickoff “Coaches for Jim,”— a citizen-led coalition to reach out to local coaches across West Virginia. Justice, the basketball […]

Bill Nye and the science of choice

I thought it might be interesting and appropriate, in view of the fact that celebrated science speaker Bill Nye is set to visit Charleston in November, to point  to his explanation of everything that is wrong with trying to attack women’s health services. Nye is well-known for his no-nonsense approach to a variety of hot […]

Extra Credit

Live from the Scripps National Spelling Bee

Charleston Daily Mail reporter Samuel Speciale will provide updates from the Scripps National Spelling Bee near Washington, D.C. The speller sponsored by the Gazette-Mail is Varun Kukkillaya, a John Adams Middle School 8th grader who is making a repeat appearance at the national bee. Go Varun! Other West Virginia spellers include Andrew Gould, a sixth-grader […]

Pop Machine

Gazette-Mail Data Center

Pre-candidacy filings – Nov. 10-22

I apologize for the extreme delay in this update. I’ve been busy helping cover the Don Blankenship trial so I haven’t had much time to do the latest pre-candidacy filings. You can find the 2016 Election Guide here. I’ve updated the guide with the latest filings (see below) and, thanks to a suggestion by my colleague, Dan Descrochers, […]

Sports with Chuck McGill

3 up, 3 down — Mark Snyder edition

This is the overlap, my friends. The time of the year for sports media when heads spin because football is winding down and basketball is gearing up. Yikes. As the schedule-maker here at the Charleston Gazette-Mail, it’s not an easy task. But man, it’s tons of fun. So, this week’s edition of 3 up, 3 […]